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I always ask companies:

Are you an international company…

...or do you just sell internationally™?

There is a subtle difference between the two.

What Do You You Need To Be To Increase Your Exports and Beat Global Competition?

Many companies start to export as an extension of the current business, and they sell internationally based on their domestic business. Their current products or services are offered and any slight changes needed for the export market are made on a one-by-one basis.

As their exports grow, they start to look at integrating their products, services, systems and processes to encompass the export potentials. For instance, instead of designing a new product or service for the domestic market and then try to sell in overseas, they look at all of the markets to find commonalities and make the offering 'export ready' from the onset.

They make the journey from a company that just sells internationally, to being an International Company.

The information on our Export Excellence website is here to help exporters go up the learning curve quicker, more effectively and to avoid costly mistakes that may be made.

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